As many of you know, the last year has been very challenging.  The lawsuit launched by the people of Sturgis North/Canada has been pressing to say the least. But...this community has supported me emotionally and financially, helping me to keep our community newspaper going and all of the rider support tools we offer up and running by ensuring the business didn't have to pay the lawyer too much.

This lawsuit has had so many twists and turns and it has been trying, tiring, time consuming and discouraging.

For the time being I have decided not to move forward with defending myself since the other side has not been communicating with my attorney and leaving the suit in limbo anyway.  I will resume the defense once the business is in the position to better pay a lawyer to do so, if I need to.

Since all communications had stopped, I took matters into my own hands and went to the BC Securities hearing for Mr. Sasseville this past week and I was finally able to meet with Mr. Sasseville's attorney face to face and have a chat.  I presented the attorney with the consent to dismiss orders for the other four parties who are also in a legal limbo and myself.

If all goes well and the other parties sign off, this case could be on its way to being over.

If not, at least the other parties know that I am not scared to meet them face to face and they know I will move forward at a later time of my choosing to force a resolution if needs be.

So, while not OVER, for now the pressure and grief are over, at least for a little while and there is hope that an end could really be in sight!

My final legal bill for this portion of the case was $3,490.00, right now I still owe about $2,200.  Thanks to Sam Henderson of Eyecandy Custom Cycles, I have another $800 to put against that bill!

Eyecandy Custom Cycles in Smithers BC had done customization on a bike for the people suing me and as a result, he had a set of custom rims and brakes to sell.  He did so through an online auction which raised $800.  So thank you Sam, I am so deeply appreciative of the support!

I am now blessed to announce that I have another small business stepping up to help me get this "final" bill off my plate!

Donald from BigBlue Lifts is putting $25 from every lift sold through the ad below into my defence fund!

So, not only do you get FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada, but my defence fund gets a $25 shot in the arm when you tell Donald that I sent you!

So, if you are in need for a motorcycle lift that has a small footprint with HUGE lifting capability, check out and then call Donald and remember to say "BELT DRIVE BETTY" sent me, so you get free shipping and my defence fund gets a $25 shot in the arm!

I simply can't say thank you enough to everyone who is helping me get through this.
There are so many of you to thank.
There are no words that can express my gratitude.

Thank you community, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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