Last weekend I attended the Run to the Hills Memorial Rally, a rally that my company, Belt Drive Betty Media has sponsored since day one.

When I found out that Bob was short on money to truly get things cranking for the Fallen Riders Memorial, I told him that I don't have much for money but I have a lot of hair so I would solicit donations and when we hit the target of $10,000 I would shave my head.

$10,000 was the goal I had set from the beginning, because if Bob is going to apply for grants, he needs some matching money.

Right from the beginning I said I would NOT shave my head AT the rally unless I raised a minimum of $2,000.

Saturday night, after being in the sun all day, I went to lay down for a while. I had asked to be woken up, but no one came to get me.  I woke up around 1 am to a very quiet campground, I had a pounding headache from getting too much sun but I grabbed the bag of money, just shy of $1,200 and beetled down to the beer gardens.

I donated the money to Bob on stage and told him, I didn't hit the mark, but that we'd continue working at raising the $10K that was needed, that this was not over.
You see, if I had shaved my head for so little, we'd have nothing to work with to hit our mark so....

Bob and I met with Community Futures and they have agreed to help him fill out the grant applications and include letters of endorsement for the monument and park.

Bob didn't have a Pay Pal account for the Rally, so I helped him get it set up and now we are ready to raise the other $8,800 that is needed for Bob to have the funds to apply for the matching grants that are available to see the monument get completed.

Today we officially launch our Run to the Hills Memorial Headshave Fundraiser to finish raising the money I had set out to raise for the memorial and park.

That's the goal, $8,800 - once that is reached, I will go to my hairdresser in Grande Prairie with video camera in hand and have her shave my head so that the hair can be donated to Locks of Love to make wigs for little girls with cancer.

If it takes us 2 weeks or 6 months, I don't care, I will shave my head when we reach the target.

Here is a video from Bob from the Run to the Hills Memorial Rally and myself that explains what the rally is all about and why the Memorial Monument and Park need the funds to be completed:

Donations to the memorial can be made directly to Bob Ross of the Run to the Hills Memorial Rally via Pay Pal:

When Bob tells me we have hit the mark, I will get my head shaved.

So come on folk, lets help him get this memorial built - our community needs and deserves this place of reflection.

Oh and don't forget that Bob needs volunteers to help do the work - the first work bee is slated for the weekend of September 19th - there will be pulled pork sandwiches, beverages and camping for all who can help out. We need carpenters, bricklayers, landscapers, and hands to help the trades people get the job done!

You can email Bob at to let him know how you can help!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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