What do you get when you take 5 people in the 30 year old age range (29-32), all artists sharing a similar dream and vision?

You get an adventure that involves four, 650CC Ural motorcycles with sidecars from the 80's, a trek across some of the most challenging terrain in the world, all in the name of learning the truth about culture, language, hospitality, differences.

These young people all wanted to learn what it was really like in places like Kazakhstan  Mongolia, Eastern Russia, Georgia and more...they wanted unfiltered truth seen through their eyes, their perceptions not that of some media person.

These people are artists. They are not from a motorcycling background.

They became riders, mechanics and through their free spirited souls they became expanded beings who view problems and challenges in a different way than they did when they first left the safety and security of their studios.

Their journey so far has put them in situations where they had to go without food, chase a floating motorcycle down a river, express their needs to people they couldn't communicate with in any normal fashion, experience the foods and cultures first hand away from the tourism industry.

Their ingenuity, their resolve is enlightening, inspiring and uplifting.

Their journey is far from over. Two years, 25,000 KM's on very old Ural Motorcycles (1980's) with sidecars, is behind them, but the third and final phase is ahead of them...

Right now they are in Vancouver BC and getting ready for the most challenging and difficult portion of their journey.

These young people are planning to put pontoons on all of their motorcycles and float down the Kolyma river to reach Chersky.  Below is their prototype in action.

Crazy? Brilliant?  Would you do it?

These young people are looking for sponsorship and support.  They were late 20's when they started this thing, think about that.  They come from a generation with an entitlement attitude and yet, here they are, challenging themselves, learning, growing and through their writings, photography, video and sculptures, they have the opportunity to teach many about respect, self reliance, community, creativity, ingenuity - resilience and LIVING.

For information on sponsorship/partnering opportunities you can contact Efy directly at – or by telephone at  1 +49) 172 5726976  or visit the SUPPORT section of their website.

Please, if you can in any way help these young artists see this life altering journey through, I encourage you to reach out to them. Individual gift, business support - they could surely use it all.
At the very least, please follow their progress via their website and their Facebook page.

Have a blessed day and get out there and LIVE your passion, your dream...LIVE IT.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. I think they are true adventurers, I commend them! I think I am too old for that, the mind is willing but the body isn't :)

  2. Love reading your blog, keep up the posts! Thanks for the share.