Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community Contest is about halfway through the second public voting phase. Over the last number of days we have seen a horse race between Kaslo BC and Two Hills Alberta erupt.

When I checked in this morning at about 8 am,  the race in the western "conference" was just as tight as it has been from the beginning.

Two Hills was in the lead with 2,689 votes and Kaslo was on their heels at 2,683 votes.

It's 9:50 am as I write this and for about the 24-5th time, the lead has changed yet again with Kaslo at 2,713 votes and Two Hills at 2,711.

Things are starting to heat up out East too.  Moncton New Brunswick is holding on to a slim lead with Digby Nova Scotia closing the gap.

One of the most rewarding things about this contest has been seeing all of the articles and hearing the various radio interviews that these communities are generating.  These little communities that don't tend to get a whole lot of notoriety are all garnering some great press.

The one thing a lot of rural communities struggle with is how to catch the attention of tourist.
They don't have big budgets and they have a shortage of man power to help them get the press and attention they need.

A contest like this truly does give them all a little shot in the arm, some notoriety, and instills a sense of community pride in the riders and other community members. The voting proves it!

These communities are vying for the title "Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community 2015"
The top prize is a $35,000 marketing package that will be put together for them by using the inventory provided by our sponsors.

TV, Radio, Print Media, Digital Media, Social Media - they get it all and all from other riders who own media outlets!

Which communities are going to slug it out for that title? Well, we'll know in about 14 days time.
Only one community from the West and one from the East will meet up in the next round...

But PLEASE remember folks, places like Kaslo BC, have their faction who really don't like the constant rumble of bikes and I just hope and pray that the selfish few don't ruin it for the rest of us.
Loud Pipes, among many other things, annoy many people in the places we want to ride most, so PLEASE ride with respect. Remember we all have to share this earth. Consideration and respect, please riding with both at the fore front of your mind.

We, all riders, have a lot to be grateful for in this country. We are blesses with so many place we can ride to that do truly want our business.  In many of these places we riders make new life long friendships...Blessed - that truly is a good word for this community of Riders here in Canada.

In other news, a couple of local businesses here in Grande Prairie have some stellar offers on the table right now...

There is a Mastermind being held in Grande Prairie on March 18th for anyone who might be interested, $49 for this three hour seminar.

One of our advertisers, Happy Trails RV is giving away $1,000.

All you have to do is like and share their post on Facebook and fill out the form:

And our Rider Friendly Business Partner, Bear Creek Funeral Home is celebrating the achievement of Eunice Friesen - and her volunteer recognition award.

If you are blessed enough to be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, and please consider dressing for the slide, not the ride.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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