Meet the New Wave of Female Motorcyclists
The face of modern women's moto is beautiful... and properly badass.
That's the headline and the photo from

My first thought when I read the headline of this article coupled with the photo of a semi nude female rider was "Here we go again", and after reading the article about the photographer and the women she "shot", all I can say is, "Here we go again".

This rant will probably fall on deaf ears, but here I go anyway.

I get it, this is art. And yes all of the women portrayed in the article are beautiful in their own unique way, including Stormy who appears to be transgender. As art, the photos are beautifully done.

The problem in my mind, however, starts with the minds of those who are going to look at this art and then get on a motorcycle wanting to look pretty and sexy instead of being geared up for safety while riding.

I honestly wonder how many 20 somethings are going to think that their physical beauty needs to be displayed in all of it's glory while riding.

I wonder how many will be scraped up off the highway by some poor paramedic, police officer or fire fighter whose PTSD will deepen because of the horrific sight.

I wonder how many families will loose a daughter or have to care for her for weeks, months and years after having gone for a ride without proper gear.

There are issues within the female gender that these images are going to influence.

As a female rider, I have some strong feelings of frustration, concern and yes, even some anger at these photos. Not just because of the gender issue either because I would feel equally disappointed and concerned if these were photos of men riding clad this way.

As I said earlier, some will see these solely as art - I see it as a statement, and I personally don't feel it's a good statement to be making.

What say you?

Then there is this Meme from Military Minds Inc.

Maybe this is my day to be a grumpy old prude, but I am seriously offended by this Meme.

As a civilian who had supported and advocated for our veterans and  serving military, I find this sentiment disturbing and very sad.

What surprised me the most about this Meme was how many military types have liked it and shared it.

Over 750 Likes and 300 Shares and some of the comments that accompany it angered me.

I posted on my Facebook Page that I was pissed about this Meme and was told by one person that "Offence was being taken where none was intended" - REALLY?

I am a civilian - I acknowledge and support the military and our vets...and they tell me to go "Fuck my Hat"?

If this was aimed at bureaucrats, desk riders and politicians who make policy or life hell for our military and veterans - then SAY THAT, but don't put all civilians in the same soup pot.

That's like saying all riders are 1% or all riders are loud obnoxious's just not true or right.

If this was aimed at those who think that soldiers start wars and hate the military - then SAY THAT.

To those in the military, this might be funny, but as a civilian who has worked her ass off to support our troops, I find this meme to be very inappropriate and offensive and I for one will not be supporting Military Minds Inc. anymore - at least not until there is a public apology on their page.

If that is how the support of civilians is appreciated by them, then I'll concentrate my efforts on groups that I know, appreciate what many thousands upon thousands of civilians do to support our military.

Again - I'd love your opinion on these two topics...

In other news voting has come to an end in Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community Contest - the results are unofficial but it appears that we have crowned our first Rider Friendly Community - Two Hills Alberta.

Congratulations to Bob Ross, the man who nominated his community first, the town of Two Hills and all of the people who voted for this community - your efforts have paid off!

Blackjacks Road House in Nisku Alberta is hosting their first ride night of the season tonight and they will have a special guest - Eric Lobo - world traveller.  If you get the chance, stop by Blackjacks Road House, Alberta's Best Bike Bar tonight and say hi!

If you are blessed to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you and consider dressing for the slide, not the ride.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. First i agree with you on that 1 and can only add ATGATT.
    Second it was very disappointing to see that post and all the support and approval it received. I feel fortunate that i do not personally know a veteran with that attitude, and i also have removed my support of Military Minds.

  2. I got nothing nice to say about the photo shoot, makes me mad too.

  3. When we speak of common sense... to who are we referring.
    The article or the observer?

    Yes... ppl will look at that and think. . Wow so beautifull what art...

    Yes ...ppl will look at that then think it's ok to go do it.

    You cannot protect people without common sense.... because they can see the value in it to begin with.
    And there in lies the Conundrum.

    In order to protect those that have no common sense we would need laws enforcing banning of anything that would encourage stupidity.....

    Mother nature already has a way of weeding out....unsuccessful. ... thinking.....

    Maybe it's time we started learning from that as a society and start teaching our kids about consequences again.....

    Because it isn't just these two examples that illustrate this.
    It's our entire society today.

    Personally... I love the female figure and as a seasoned rider KNOW that it is just a photo shoot.

    But I've also seen idiots riding around in flip flops...

    Common sense comes from consequence.

  4. So you are upset about something that someone else said and now you are trying to ruin them by posting about how upset you are and pointing the finger.... grow up and grow a thick skin.

    With all this jumping up and down makes me wonder that you are kicking and screaming purely to let everyone know how much you help veterans and beating your own chest. Looks like being a base rat you never got enough attention from mommy and daddy.

  5. Your Military Minds Attitude is disgusting. Thousands upon thousands of civilians have stepped up and stepped in to fill the gaps that your employers, our governments have created in your supports. Unlike Viet Nam where civilians spit on Soldier's, today we buy coffee and offer supports. It's too bad that people like you who are so broken, so angry can't see beyond the end of your nose. Your attitude and the attitude of those like you will turn people against you and when civilians start spitting on you again you'll wonder why. There are many military related organizations that I and thousands like me can support. We sure don't need the sentiments or the treatment that Military Minds delivers to the very people who do their best to make a difference. Go ahead and lump all civilians into the same category. It's obvious the disdain you feel for us. Just don't be a hipocrite and ask civilians to support your poker runs or events. Don't ask for our money to support your org. My time, my effort and my money will go to organizations that appreciate it. Do yourself a favour Wes, take yourself to coucelling cause your PTSD is making you crazy.