Kimpex has a brand new online ordering system and since their business is a member of the Rider Friendly Business Association, I decided to give their new online ordering system a try.

Theirs is pretty unique you see. You get to choose which Kimpex Dealer you want to support with your purchase, so it allows you to shop local even when your local dealer doesn't have your boots in their size!  How sweet is that?

A wholesaler that sells to the public and rewards the local dealer for the sale.

What a great concept!

It works based on your postal code - a list of local Kimpex dealers come up and you choose the one you want the sale to be attributed to.

The ordering process was simple, I got my boots, the Milwaukee Clothing Company's Trooper Boot quickly and the shipping was free because my order was over $99!

That experience made me feel really good, I gotta tell you!

And the boots? Well, for me that was the icing on the cake.

I LOVE my Troopers!  Right out of the box, even though stiff, I could tell these were going to be wonderful boots.  I was dreading the break in period. I shouldn't have worried.

I wore them for the first time to Two Hills AB, Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community of the 2015 riding season, and I wore them all weekend at the Run to the Hills Memorial Rally and only one really tiny blister!

The are study and comfortable!

The side zippers and front laces allow me to wear my ankle braces with these boots and that is very welcome for when I ride without my ankle braces, I sometimes don't feel very sure of myself, especially on gravel. I don't like walking on it much less riding on it.

The chances of my ankles rolling, causing me to land on my face and hands and knees scares me.
I have had it happen too many times.  And there is always the concern that one could break a bone as a result. Not going there!

I love the fact that I can walk at all and so I guard that freedom with all of my being!

The eyelets at the top of the boot hold the laces in place and make it far easier for me to get my brace starts tightened and not worry that they have gotten caught up in the brace straps! For me, that's a handle little feature that might not mean much to others.

I also like the zipper pulls which are reasonably long, (with out being over long) and and how well the zippers work. That can be challenging with side zippered boots,  I have had some boots that the zippers are so hard to pull I have broken the pull tab!

These are what riding boots should be!

I am glad that Milwaukee Clothing Company makes side zippered boots as not many companies do.
I am grateful that Kimpex wholesales them!

So, thank you to Kimpex for allowing me to shop local, get the boots I need and do it quickly and painlessly!

What a great experience over all!

If you are blessed to be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you!

And remember folks, next week we kick off the hunt for Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community of the 2016 riding season!  Which community are you going to nominate?

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider.

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