It seems to me that everywhere I turn there is nothing but nasty, hurtful media, nasty, hurtful stories, nasty hurtful people doing nasty hurtful things.

If a person voices their opinion or shares their feelings on topics like Muslims and Sharia Law, expect to be attacked by a pack of rabid humans if you have any doubts, questions or fears to express.

If a person who lived through the King Ralph era here in Alberta draws similarities to what Trump is doing in the US to stimulate business and the economy and says, hey, I like those ideas, my God you'd think you were the worst person in the world and had to like and support everything about the man.  How people can make that big of a leap without evidence is beyond me.

The stuff that has been going on in our global community, our world has be making me physically and spiritually ill.

We in the motorcycle community have our own politics and they are just as hurtful and just as nasty as anything you'll see on TV.  From being told take of our vests/patches, cuts, shirts being profiled, we riders can and many have experienced a ton of garbage.

We have all sorts of outside discrimination hurled at us, and then we have our own form of  internal discrimination, sport bikers versus cruisers, touring - the whole brand bashing, Ducati eats GSXR or Indian blankety blanks H-D, clubbers VS non clubbers...some of it is good natured, some of it not so much. You'd think after the unfair way many of us are tarred that we wouldn't go down the path of discrimination but guess what...we do.

And then there's the kind of insidious personal politics that makes one scratch their head and go, what the H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS just happened.

I started this business, Belt Drive Betty Media, trying to find a job for myself after a car crash. After much research and courses, I landed on promoting the charitable events and causes of the motorcycle community and writing a column about our world. This one...From the Depths of File 13...

I did not want to mow anyone else's lawn and so I have stayed pretty true to that niche.

I have offered our company's services up to various organizations and many have used them very successfully.

We have operated the Canadian Motorcycle Events Calendars and provided them for free to the riding community, the clubs, the charities, the associations and the riders for 15 seasons now.

We put hundreds and thousands of hours into the calendars every year. 

I have one person named Dave Trerice, that's all he does is reach out to the riding clubs, the associations and charities and ensures their events get that free exposure.  Ali our web mistress, Rhonda in sales and myself, we all contribute, but Dave, he's the heavy lifter...

My company pays him, not well, but pays him, not what he's worth, but we pay him to help these communities and their causes. 

He makes sure that the calendars have all of the information that the posters should have but often times don't, like contacts, addresses etc.  He puts his heart and soul into helping these riding clubs, associations and causes. 

He shares all through social media doing his best to bring value to every fellow rider he meets on the net. 

He's the man that manages the CanadianMotorcycleEvents page on Facebook.  


This is Dave. 

Dave is waiting to add YOUR motorcycle event to our Canadian Motorcycle Events Calendar @ Email your poster to

Now I always offer anyone with a riding club web site the code to use our calendars to promote upcoming events so they don't have to re-invent the wheel and so that our sponsors get a little plug because there are a few ads on the calendars, three I believe.  Our calendars are easy to use, divided up by province, sortable by kind of event, postal code and a whole bunch of other filters that can be applied.

However, some of the organizations we have offered the free use of our calendars to, have flat out turned us down, some even preferring we do not support their causes with free advertising. 
These orgs are largely run by other women.

These organizations would rather build their own calendars than work together, I get it, but I don't.

Then there are some other gals I have come to know who are doing a publicity trip. I offered to help with hotel discounts and publicity through our newspaper.  They have chosen not to respond.  
That makes me sad.

I am too old school I guess. 

Me, I just want to work with and help everyone I can. 
I am for ever and always trying to put people together that I think will help each other.  
I do introductions all the time. 

I love to contribute to this community, our society, country; my attitude is if I can bring one more person to your event, or cause, then the effort I /we put out on promoting for you is worthwhile,  and yet, it seems to me that there are certain factions that think we want to take over instead of help. That's the vibe they give off as they aren't very diplomatic in their refusals to work together. 
Or it could be that perhaps a month and a half of flu and funerals has made me too touchy...
I don't know.

And maybe New School and Old School just aren't meant to find a bridge to working together.

I am finding it difficult to wrap my head around the fact that there are people don't want help or contributions from those they deem as outsiders.

I know we can't all like each other or understand each other, but I always thought that we should be able to rise above our selves for the good of all to work together to promote the common good.  

There have been a handful of people in my life that for one reason or another, I could not get along with on a personal level, we had a personality conflict or something going on... and yet we found ways to work together for the common good when push came to shove. 

I have something of value to offer anyone with need of a method to get their message out, the audience that does enjoy reading what I and our community contributes, the audience who loves to hate what I write - these two audiences are valuable.

I bet there would be some among my audience, you the reader...who would love to know what these ladies are up to and how terrific I think they are.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it sounds like I am whining but really, I am just shocked, puzzled, confused or maybe it is that "Old Timers" is setting in....and I'm becoming a purple sweater wearing lady.

How can you turn down a bit of free publicity, from someone who thinks what you offer is valuable...
I would love to help spread that word, shine that light...that was what my company was founded on, being a clearinghouse of information, helping riders find what they need...

I am feeling my age today because I genuinely do not need to like you to see your value, unlike some of the up and comers whom, it seems, can't work with others unless they all think the same and like each other.

Contentious days and ways....

I guess that really does make me old school. 

What say you?

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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