The 2018 version of the Calgary Motorcycle Show is now in the history books.
In all it was a well-attended show but the ravages of the economy over the last few years in our industry sure showed.


Businesses that one expected to see there like Torch Motorcycles, no longer exist and businesses that have been present in the past just can’t afford them at the moment.

Attending a tradeshow is a VERY expensive proposition and while it is vital that the business community market itself, many just can’t afford it thanks to the economy.

The Motorcycle Show really doesn’t have many choices as to potential locations they could move to in an attempt to bring down pricing.  There simply are no buildings in the Calgary region that are large enough or provide the equipment that is needed to host it.

Its disappointing really because the community has so many businesses and groups that really need and deserve the exposure that being out in front of 25,000+ eyeballs can offer.

The show itself was well run as always. Laurie and Brittany do a fantastic job and had lots of media of all kinds, which brought the consumers out, but there were a number of members of the Calgary Stampede show staff that let them down.


There is a new policy the BMO Centre has in place regarding entrance at doorways.  Only one doorway is open in the back hallways where vendors come in and every vendor, regardless of where their booth is located must enter through door 6 – in the dead centre of the hallway/building. Talk about inconvenient if your booth is in a far corner of the building.

The same policy is in effect for the public.
Everyone must come in through the main doors – ONLY.

The policy is not very friendly to either consumer or vendor. Bottle necks & plugged aisle ways means it takes vendors a long time to get back to their booth if they use the vendors lounge for a meal. It’s really a silly policy and as I said before, it’s one more reason why vendors are not returning to the shows. I provided the show staff with the feedback and I hope others have as well.

The show itself had a lot of variety of marques on hand with lots of new products and new models.

A new motorcycle shop in Calgary, Ill Fated Kustoms had a great display on hand and Kenny, the engineer/builder reminded me a lot of Chika. The same unassuming, humble personality that comes to life the minute he starts talking motorcycles.
As always the Ground ‘N’ Gravity Show enthralled all show goers who attended. While watching these athletes perform you will find yourself holding your breath.

Ground 'N' Gravity Show
SHE Rides Night on Friday had 451 women who took provided by Canadian Kawasaki. Betty Jo of Edmonton was the lucky winner.  There were over 1000 entries to the new Kawasaki Double Take draw and a very large excited crowd gathered at 4:00pm on Saturday to hear if their names were called.  Andy from Crowsnest Pass and Chad from Calgary were the 2 lucky winners of the Kawasaki Z125 motorcycles.

The Motorcycle Shows are a much-needed break from winter and the manufacturers and major parts and clothing wholesalers did a really good job of making their booths inviting and having lots on hand to see.

Oh and MINI DONUTS arrived to the Motorcycle Show in Calgary and for some, that is reason enough to get off the couch and come out!

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