We are awful excited that in its third year, Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community Contest has seen an explosion in nominations.

Thanks to our relationship with Community Futures, this contest is beginning to really gain traction and we are so grateful to them for their support and love of small towns, small business and entrepreneurs!

Riders it seems are catching on!
So are communities and community leaders.

Helping smaller communities that don't usually get a whole lot of fanfare for what they do right in the game of tourism is a really gratifying thing for our whole team.

In all we and our media partners giveaway over $60K in marketing to the winning communities and provide a way for all communities that consider themselves Rider Friendly to get some attention and notice!

Belt Drive Betty Media is made up of contractors who live a motorcycle life.

We are so thrilled to support our sport on so many levels, helping to promote the CMDRA, helping to promote every charity and non profit ride that we can, every small business event, riding club event...for free in most cases - it's part of our mandate, our mission if you will!  We give back into the community we make our living from.

We promote adventure riding, motocross and anything else that our readers submit to us, and that they find interesting and engaging.  Through our events calendars, our newspaper, our contest and the Rider Friendly Business Association Community & Directory ....the community news and information we disseminate really is "Rider Powered News!"

We have some wonderful new media partners that we are now working with as well and this will only help raise Canada's visibility as a motorcycling destination of note!

Our New Media Partners:
Man Wants in the UK, the brand new Colorado Rider News and World of Motorcycling Pod Cast!
AND, our stalwart partners:
Northern Horizon Newspaper and Kick Stands Up on Reality Radio 101 with Lou DeVouono

We are working hard to spread the news and word about our great country and the amazing, unique and inspiring riding we have to offer, not just to international visitors, but to those in Canada too!

Visit our websites and see what we offer: - International News - Canadian News - EVENTS  - A directory of businesses who are a part of the Rider Friendly Business Association, that want to serve riders and a community to connect with them. - A contest to celebrate the communities that love riders. - an Alberta registered non profit on its way to charitable status in Alberta and then looking forward to the two - three year journey to CRA status.
"We promote motorcycle tourism in Canada, the preservation/promotion of our rich military history & great customer service."

Our TV Show:
Ride Like a Local on EastLink TV and YouTube

Hope you'll check out Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community Contest and our current champion - Port Alberni - Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community from the 2016 riding season.


Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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