The "It's All about the Kid's" Day that was hosted by Bullying Enns and UBAKA (Urban Bulldogs Against Kid Abuse) was an incredible event to attend.

Joy, absolute joy is what was expressed on pretty much every kid's face.

The hamlet of Cynthia has a population of 50.
Mitch's Campground and RV Park is where the event was held.

They have a small motel and a pub called the Cyn City Saloon and a few other small businesses and that's about all.

What the community lacks in size, it makes up for in heart.

The volunteers and sponsors of the day worked
their hearts and souls out to give the hundreds of kids who came out a great day.  There was a silent auction both outside and in the pub.

There were lawn games, a bouncy castle, face painting, motorcycle rides, fire fighter gear and job demonstrations, a by donation BBQ...and the DUNK TANK!

I have no idea who had more fun, the adults and the kids throwing the balls or the volunteers making sure the dunk tank victims got dunked - appropriately!

It was an incredible and inspiring day that saw Bullying Enns and UBAKA walk away with over $17K in donations with which to further the programs they already offer and in the case of Bullying Enns, allow them to host a BBQ for all
of the kids they have given rides and support to and to supply them all with special back packs for school.

Steve and his non-profit board are also looking to the future and what kinds of other programs they might be able to offer to end/prevent bullying.

Like every non-profit and every event hosted, without the sponsors, these things wouldn't be possible.

Bullying Enns and UBAKA would like to thank:
Mitch's Cynthia Campground & RV Park, Cyn City Saloon, Secure Energy, and Steel Horses Photography, the Drayton Valley Fire Department, M & M Meats, the MLA Mark Smith, Hydro Vacuum Services and so many, many more sponsors and supporters. It took a ton of volunteers, and so many businesses that donated to the silent auctions, the bouncy castle that was donated, the DJ services that were donated.

But when you look at the results, when you see these children feeling confident, comfortable and strong, when you see those faces and the smiles, you know it was more than worth it.
IT WAS AMAZING and so needed.

This event was filmed for TV so start looking on YouTube on the Ride Like a Local Channel in late November for the three segments that make up the episode to begin airing! If you are on EastLink TV Look under Community TV in November....

To support Bullying Enns or UBAKA find them on Facebook.

I enjoyed this event so much, and I see the need for events like this to introduce kids to the community of motorcycling, to help empower them, the show them there adults out there who care...that I have invited Steve Enns and his non-profit Bullying Enns to help us do this same sort of day here in Grande Prairie and hopefully grow a chapter of Bullying Enns Riders. These are riders who take kids to school on their motorcycles or pick them up after - present them with some information, some support, some swag and then stay connected to them. I think that it's something Grande Prairie and pretty much every community where people live could use! Anyway June 1st 2019 is the date for Bullying Enns - It's All About the Kids - Grande Prairie AB Version!
If you are blessed enough to be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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