Coping Strategies from My Friends

I recently posted on my Facebook page about how I have been feeling very overwhelmed this last while.  And with the holidays upon us, I wanted some additional ideas on how to stay a little more centered.

I asked my friends for their coping methods and man did I get some amazing suggestions:

From Patty: Riding my motorcycle. In the winter I colour, listen to good music, and I know this is sick but I clean.

From Georgina: Have you tried putting yourself in a quiet, darkened room with no electronics on except some nature music and just focus on the nature music? Mellow spa type music works too.
Deep relaxed breathing.
Try it for 15 min to start.
Once you let yourself have that time, you can easily work up to 30 min a day. Or more if u need it.
The less sensory interruptions (light, noise, touch) the better.

From Maureen:  I've always cleaned when stressed. When my husband came home and saw a dust rag in my back pocket, he'd throw his hat in the door first, lol

From Gary: Nap, 30 minutes can give you a new outlook!

From Deborah: Driving with the radio on loud

From Louise: Music. I drive to my special spot and sit and listen to music loud. Mine is at the water.

From Michelle: I use mindless games to distract my brain... Candy Crush, Jelly Crush, Soda Crush, Farm Saga, about 8 different ones. Run out of lives switch games.. Since their on my phone I don't need Wi-Fi, can play sitting in an office waiting room, in crowds.. Focusing on that slows my racing thoughts... Or I jog

From Shannon: I use Himalayan Salt Lamps in my home. It changes the ions in the air and makes the atmosphere calm and peaceful. I also use music and meditation tapes.

From Joan: Stop trying to do it all! Don’t take things persona.
And think ... This to shall pass... what seems so important today will not be so important in a day or two! Have a hoot once in a while! Don’t worry about what others think!

From Barry: I don't get overwhelmed anymore since starting to meditate 2 years ago and letting go of my Past. If I did get those feelings now I would meditate.

From Robert: I listen to ambient trance while working. It keeps me calm and does wonders for my depression. You can download it from you tube.

From Floyd:  I use the three rule of stress management.
1) Don't sweat the small stuff
2) Consider it all small stuff
3) If the stuff is big enough to give you stress, then f@#K it, it will soon take care of itself.
If by following these three simple rules you still have stress refer back to Rule #1.

By following these rules you should be able to maintain a stress level of 3 or less on a scale of 10.

From Dave: Break it down into small pieces one thing at a time. Think of it like this... if you had to see all the dishes you were going to wash for the rest your life at one time you would be overwhelmed. If you watch your dishes every day or even better yet right after every meal does not seem to be such a formidable task that. Good luck and I really hope whatever’s going on you can find serenity peace and calmness.
Remember too, you’ve already survived the worst days of your life and you made it.

From Shauna: I knit or crochet or color in my kids coloring books. And I bake and eat and color in my swears colouring book as well.

As you can see there is no one size fits all answer, but there are some strategies I can see me implementing!

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