Season 6 Episode 9 Segment 3
Sicamous Summer Stomp Part 2

Coming near to the end of an amazing time at the Sicamous Summer Stomp, we finally got to meet Mike Smith.  His birthday 29 years ago sparked the idea and 29 years later the Sicamous Summer Stomp is still a huge success.

He's incredibly happy to see the event still going on and loves the line up of great entertainment.  Mike used to be part of the day to day operations and says it was a lot of work.  He takes his hat off to those running the show now.  It takes a lot of volunteer power, the local community and the bikes to make it happen.  He commends the whole community for so many people that come out and help every year.

A great time was had by all.  Renee stayed at Joe Schmucks Roadhouse campground.  If you're ever in the Shuswap, this is the place you need to be!!

If you are blessed enough to live where you can be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty

Editor & Rider

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