Season 6 Episode 10 Segment 3 
The Airdrie Oilmens Assc.
Airdrie Bikes and Bulls Rumble on the Runway 

Freshly turned 18, Riley Gangon is already becoming a seasoned bull rider.  Returning to Airdrie from a shoulder injury, Riley is looking forward to his rides.

Riley pulled a bull of Curtis Sawyers.  Little Red Bull has a left hand pull and Riley says that's important when you're riding.  In the short round, he hopes to pull a bull that has bucked him off a few times.

Riley says the bulls love the rides and are treated like royalty.  Each bull is eager to ride and truly enjoys it.

Tanner, age 5 and Adam, age 6 were loving the mutton busting.  Tanner won the championship this year and was awarded a shiny new belt buckle.  Tanner says it was pretty cool.  He wants to grow up to be a real cowboy but can't remember why.  Adam wants to grow up to be a cowboy because he loves riding the sheep.

Russ Binder is one of the family members that own The Airdrie Airpark who  are hosts to this years event.  Russ brought out his Mercedes and took a few laps on the track and came back with some pretty impressive times.  The Binder family got involved simply because the love the people and all the noise!

Dana Mum of the Didsbury Car Club says they are a group of men and women that like to promote different events and support different services and the suicide awareness campaign.

The do a lot of drag races, show and shines, drive in theaters and a cabaret every year.  6 or 7 events a year to get the community involved and raise awareness

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