Season 6 Episode 11 Segment 2
Bullying Enns & Ubaka
Cynthia AB

Mark Smith, an MLA for Drayton Valley - Devon, was the dunk tank champion for the day.

Mark says, as an MLA, he is fortunate to be able to get involved in amazing events like this and help support raising funds and awareness for good causes.

Mark was a teacher for over 30 years and understands how important it is for our children to feel safe, appreciated, and loved just the way they are.  That's what this event was showing and building community.  Mark says as an MLA, it's all about building trust and community.

Murray Galavan of the Drayton Valley, Brazeau County Fire Department and the Red Knights Motorcycle club was asked by another rider if he could bring out the fire truck for the kids.  He was glad to do it and was there to show the kids exactly what a fireman is all about.

Riley was a young man all dressed up in the firemen gear.  He's not sure he wants to be a fireman but was sure having a great time!

The whole day was centered around the children.  It was a learning experience for all and even life changing for some.

If you are blessed enough to live where you can be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty

Editor & Rider

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