Is your spouse or loved one a rider?

Are they surly? Short tempered? Not eating or sleeping well?

Have you been noticing that there are unexplained charges on your credit card and they all involve motorcycle parts and chrome bits?

Well, if you are noticing these symptoms in your loved one, then they are afflicted with PMS, Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.

This genetic Dis-Ease is responsible for so much grief and strife and sadly there is NO CURE.

Every person who loves motorcycles is born with what is known as the Motorcycle Gene.

That gene is responsible for both PMS and SSS.  

Shiny Shit Syndrome is the most debilitating of all of the symptoms of PMS.

Both PMS and SSS can only be treated with massive doses of motorcycle videos, photos, the riding of motorcycles - anything motorcycling related WILL have an impact in improving their disposition.

As PMS subsides, you should notice a diminishing of the SSS symptom of buying lots of parts and chrome bits, but that is not always the case.

For some PMS sufferers, their Shiny Shit Syndrome can kick in at any moment, especially at swap meets and dealerships, so ensure you have some free room on your credit card!
And Oh LORD - I almost forgot to mention the internet and online shopping - dangerous stuff when SSS kicks in!

For more information on what PMS is and how to conquer it, visit the
"Beat the PMS Blues Online Show n Shine" page over at
(Ali should have a good portion of it done today!)

That page is filled with information on PMS and includes information on the symptoms, the treatment and the supports that are available to help you and or your loved one when dealing with PMS and its sister SSS.

It's also where you will be able to enter the Show n Shine and see all of the bikes that are entered!

But there's one more thing there that you REALLY NEED to know about!

In an effort to help riders, passengers and the people who love them cope with PMS, we have started the all new "PMS Support Group". Watch for details of the group - they will be released soon!

The group is meant for all who are affected by PMS and SSS.

For riders and their passengers this is a place to share your stories about PMS, SSS and how they affect your life.

For Spouses and loved ones who don't ride you can share your stories about dealing with a sufferer of PMS and SSS.

Here you can share YOUR stories of suffering with others in a nurturing and non-judgemental environment!

Through sharing you might just learn of a coping mechanism that can help you and your family and friends!


Share your PMS Story for your chance to win some CASH!

You are going to need to have a very compelling story to win the

Here's how it will work:

The Shiny Shit Fund will be fed by the sales of 2 tee shirt campaigns that we started on TeeSpring:

I Suffer from PMS 


I "Heart" a PMS Sufferer

We will be sharing 15% of the revenue from each of these tee shirts with our winners!

10% for first place (along with a virtual plaque) and 5% for second place (along with a virtual plaque) in each of the two categories.

We will accept entries from January 1, 2015 until February 20th, 2015.

We will open the contest up to public voting on February 21st and that will run until March 131st.

Beginning January 1, 2015 you can submit one of two kinds of stories:

1 - If you are a rider or passenger, submit your story about PMS and SSS and how it has devastated your life and what coping mechanisms you use.

The Shiny Shit Fund for your contest is fed by the "I Suffer from PMS" tee shirt sales.

2 - If you are a person who loves someone with PMS & SSS, then you can enter your story on how their Dis-Ease has affected your life and what you do to cope.

The Shiny Shit Fund for your contest is fed by the "I "Heart" a PMS Sufferer" tee shirt sales.

Submission guidelines:

Send us 600 words with up to 4 photos and a video(no more that 3 minutes long please or just a video submission of up to 3 minutes long. (Send us the URL to your video on YouTube and we will add it to our play list and display it in the contest page for people to vote on.)

PLEASE NOTE - If no tee shirts sell, there will be no funds or other prizes issued beyond a virtual plaque so share share share....

Prizes directly correspond to how many of each teeshirt sell. 
You do not need to buy a Tee Shirt to win.

All photos and videos created must be of your own creation or have proper attribution given to the person who helped you.

The complete contest rules will be available by no later than December 31st, 2014 on the Show n Shine page!

You must be a registered member of
Membership is free and so is participation in the contest.

So, get your thinking caps on and get creative, you might win $5, you might win $500 or you might just get a plaque but at any rate, you will have helped someone else who suffers find a way to ease their PMS or how to deal with their loved one's PMS and at the end of the day, isn't that a great thing you'll have done?


The Beat the PMS Blues Online Show n Shine also starts January 1, 2015!
We have over $2,500 in prizes up for grabs thanks to our sponsors
and Strip Club Choppers of Canada and again, you must be a registered member at to enter but membership is free and it's free to enter both of our contests!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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