As the old helmet sticker says - Deja Moo - a feeling I've heard this bull before.

It sounds like someone is out to deliver a message to the Hell's Angels or maybe as some of the mainstream media are surmising - they did it themselves to prevent loosing it to the government.

Either way - I can't imagine how the people of Montreal feel - not knowing if another war is looming between the Hells Angel's and some unnamed (and at this point by the public anyway) unknown rival.

If there truly is some kind of war brewing the police services must be going nuts. Can you imagine the media circus and nightmare this will become?

This is not good for those of us who ride as it will mean more misconceptions, more fear mongering and more bull.

Like everyone else we have to wait and see what transpires and suffer the consequences of the actions of others....or do we?

Perhaps if each rider who just wants to ride makes sure that they let others in their circle of influence know who they are and what they stand for - well maybe we can do some small amount of damage control to for our community, one rider at a time.

To read up on what's been going on with the Hells Angels and the destruction of their bunker go to: and here at:

No matter the reason for this bunker being blown up - you can be certain it will affect all of us who wear black leather - one way or another.

Please ride safe out there -

Belt Drive Betty

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