Why is it that the main stream press and the police services find it necessary to use the word Biker or Outlaw MC instead of saying what they mean?

How hard is it to use the term 1% Outlaw MC?
In my world that term "1%" makes a lot of difference - does it in yours?

What is the difference between an Outlaw MC and a 1% Outlaw MC?
Do you know?

What is the difference between bikers and and Outlaw MC members?

What is the difference between a Riding Club, and a Motorcycle Club?

So many in our own community don't even know the difference!

It is tough to get non motorcycling people who don't really care who we are to educate themselves to know the difference, so when police services spokespeople from the Surete du Quebec - like the gal last night on the CBC National News say and I quote " This is biker related"

What the hell is Joe Q Citizen supposed to think about us and our community?

OK, so some guys from a 1% Outlaw MC stole a whole bunch of explosives - what has that got to do with bikers?

1% ers live a very different lifestyle from those who ride with Outlaw MC's, AMA sanctioned MC's, Social Riding Clubs and independent riders.

The poem and video "You didn't See Me - I was just a biker" (When you click the link go to the bottom of the page to see the video) tries to put a face to the rest of us however the police services and mainstream media keep muddying the waters and confusing people by using the term "BIKER/S" in inappropriate ways and I get so fed up.

Maybe a class action discrimination lawsuit would change the way our community gets talked about...just a thought.

And that's my tirade for the day...

PLEASE - ride like they are out to get you...stay safe.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Unfortunately, it's a problem all over the states too. I am afraid it's the old case of a 'few bad apples' thing. And the media, as we all know, could care less about who is offended or painted in a bad light.