MSN is shutting down their groups and offering to transfer them over to something like Facebook - I haven't looked at this new offering but have been told it's not really very nice.

Ali and I have come up with a strategy to help out all the rider forums that are affected by this so if you have or are part of an MSN Forum and looking for a new home we have 2 options to offer so email Ali at or myself at

Other than that we are just working away at working out the little quirks and kinks on the new I am pleased and I know they are just going to get better with time!

Ride like they are out to get safe

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Hello Betty :

    Being the owner Manager of Harley Tech Talk on MSN im not very happy with the set up of the new " Multiply " site that they are thinking about migrating us to... time will tell how it works out ..we have damn near 30,000 members would wide and would like to keep most of them happy ..LOL... thank you for the great offer...the managers and I are keeping it in the back for now.. so far from what I see here I like the format ...we would need a forum type set up with the ability to accept or reject members we are constantly getting Porn and XXX Spam that we need to deal with... the next few weeks should be interesting to say the least... keep up the good work