A weekend to give thanks...

Gary Christie and son Jodi of Roz-GarRacing would have to agree that they have lots to give thanks for. Young Jodi, 16, the Canadian National 600 Amateur Champion was elected for Red Bull Rookie 2009 Team! Congratulations to Jodi and the team!

We have some tragic news this weekend making it very much a mixed bag of emotions...
Okanagan Sun running back Janson Towers is dead after a motorcycle crash on the way home from a team practice. The 21 year old had just received the Marty Cullen trophy as the most inspirational player during the team’s awards dinner four days earlier.

One set of parents is celebrating and one is I said it's a mixed bag of emotions.

My heart goes out to those whose lives have been touched and altered by Janson's death.

If you are riding today...please be alert, ride like they are out to get you and before you leave home, remember to tell the important people in your world that you love them.

Belt Drive Betty

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