Ali has been working like an eager beaver to get all of the membership and the news articles etc moved over to the new web site. We have a number of people who are working on testing and have discovered some interesting kinks.

As soon as she gives us the go ahead that the kinks we have found are worked out we'll unveil the new site! I am excited and nervous...

Excited because I know the new site is going to be awesome, nervous - because there is always something that goes a wee bit sideways when you are transferring over 20 thousand pages of information! We have two days left to work out the little anomalies that we have found!

When we do re launch we are really going to need your help. We will be asking everyone to send us feedback on anything strange that you come across....Your patience and assistance WILL be needed!

If you are lucky enough to still be riding - PLEASE, ride like they are out to get you!

Belt Drive Betty

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