Gang, I gotta tell yah, I need your help.

I need two things - your involvement in the newspaper and the web site- - I want to see tons of stories submitted on your riding clubs, your events, your businesses and your people. Why? I want to know where to go when I visit your area and so do other riders.

I need a book keeper/office administrator in the worlds worst way. If you live in Grande Prairie, know Quick books and have at least 6 hours a week to devote, please call me.

Either that or I need at least 2 more sales people.

If you are interested in some good part time money, and enjoy sales. Call me. Where you live doesn't really matter for this position if you have a computer and reasonable skill with it.

Customer service stories - where is the good customer service in PEI. Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec - Manitoba - does anyone have any knowledge to share? Come on guys - you are Canadian too - Come on people - we need those great stories....

What was your favorite event of 2009? Why would I want to go? Come on, tell me!

I want to continue what I am doing - show casing every one's back yard - but I can't do that with out your help. Submit your group or club stories and events to us at for stories and for events.
Here's hoping to hear from more of you....because when you write the paper for me by submitting articles and stories - I can put more effort into the layout process and promoting this community. Time is no more my friend than it is yours.....

Help me - help our community! Get INVOLVED!

I am NOT alone in needing your help.

The Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Klub MUST Sell 300 more tickets on the Betty Bobber to even come close to this thing being a success for them. Help them to become more self sufficient by buying a ticket today - the Draw is November 1st so ACT NOW!!!!!
Get a hold of the teacher who runs the program:
Marc Mazerolle
Teacher/Bike Club Manager
Bernice MacNaughton High School
999 St George Blvd. Moncton, New Brunswick Canada E1E 2C9
Phone: 506-856-3469 (school)
Phone: 506-856-6014 (home)

or go on their web site:
To buy online the ticket price is $51.75

Come On People - PLEASE - Help these kids out - I have my ticket.

If you are lucky enough to still be riding - PLEASE
Ride like they are out to get you, because they are!

Belt Drive Betty

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