Last night my husband and I along with AIM-Can National president Cliff Hammond from Prince George, attended the memorial for Sylvie Dorant (Day)

When we arrived at the Masonic Lodge at 5:30pm the place was already pretty much filled to capacity.

There was a core group of Mark's friends - Lorrie, Brenda, Gaylee and others who organized the function and a core group from Peace Country AIM-Can (Brendan, Kellee, Sharon and Larry) that worked the phones to let the AIM-Can membership know about the memorial and the fund raising that needed to be done as Sylvie died with no life insurance.

The people who make up the community here in the GP area are generous, kind and loving and they all rallied around a friend, colleague and brother.

It is times like this, when a person is hurting, raw and wounded that they need their friends and community the most - and as usual, the community here did not disappoint - they came through with their usual flying colors.

If you are lucky enough to still be riding - ride like they are out to get you - because they are....

Belt Drive Betty

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