Well gang we are getting there! I have about 350 riding clubs,linked to their site and patches - still about 100 or 150 to go between club sites and forums!

Ali has been working on a Java Script error that has been crashing the home page of our community site if you are using Internet Explorer. IE is a painful browser to use as I have discovered. I recently downloaded both Google Chrome and Foxfire and now use all three browsers so I can see the way our web site looks for those on these other browsers. I really enjoy both Foxfire and Chrome. Try downloading them and using them instead of IE - you'll find a whole new world opens up for you.

Layout begins for our very first phone book - Wednesday - so for those stragglers that still want to be included - you'll have another 8 - 10 days - drop me a line!

Anyway - back to work - that slave driver I work for says I need to get links finished...

If you are lucky enough to be riding - Ride like they are out to get you.

Belt Drive Betty

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