We say goodbye to Sean O from New Brunswick.

I am unsure what caused him to close down his blog and pull away from the community entirely but there you have it, that's what's happen. I do know that he was discouraged by the unwillingness of those in his area to promote themselves or to let him help promote them. Perhaps that had something to do with it. I also know his health isn't the best.
So as I said - I am unclear as to the why and he did not elaborate.

I for one will miss him.
He was trying so hard to shine some kind of light on what's going on in his area.

I know how discouraging it can be to get people to work together.
People are fearful, uncertain, skeptical, protectionistic - and in some cases rightfully so.
People are busy, stressed and stretched.

We all need to understand that there are certain common causes and information that we need to share as a community.

I have been around for 5 years going on 6 and in that time my message, my mission has not changed - in order to have our voices heard, in order for our community events to be successful, in order for our business community to be secure and be there for us when we need them (for services and sponsorship) - we have to support each other, we have to communicate with each other.

The fact is there are close to 522,433 registered motorcycles in this country.
(Stats Canada 2007)

If you look at our Riding Clubs Pages - amassed through a whole ton of research and data entry -
Between Web Sites and Forums there are over 350 riding clubs and their chapters on the web.
An Update - 1pm Friday Nov 7th - Over 371 Riding Club Sites/Pages or Forums!

If you look in our events calendars you will see that at the peak of the season - not including sporting events - that there are over 900 events...

Our community is growing by leaps and bounds and there are new clubs and groups springing up everywhere, old clubs and groups closing down and moving...If anyone doubts what I say look at the CAV and how they have grown - they are up to 47 units - last year we only had links to 21 Units!

If you are a busy person - like most people - you don't get to your favorite sites all of the time - when they move they forget often times to tell people.

How does someone new to riding find what they need?

I want to make it simple and easy for people to connect, to find what they need.

That's it - that's all. is here to be a giant repository of information on the Canadian Motorcycle Scene - If you want to know what's going on, if you want to find a club or chapter that suits you - we are trying to provide you a one stop place to find the right one.

I don't want to mow any one's lawn. I want to shine a light on it - I want to help grow what you do. I want your club to get the exposure to grow, I want your community event to get the exposure it needs to be successful.

I am a rider - our web mistress is a rider - every one who works with us either as a volunteer, a club reporter, moderator or sales person...heck even the man who prints the Busted Knuckle Chronicles is a rider.

We all got together through a common desire - to see the community we love, the community we live in - the Canadian Motorcycle Riding Community - be strong, successful and here for a long time to come.

If you are lucky enough to be still riding - you suck (Which means I'm green with envy)

Please ride like they are out to get you.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Hey Betty.... you done it again...great post and a great read.!!!!
    Now let's get to the bolts and nuts....Riding is a personal thing... It's a cowboy and cowgirl thing...The only difference is, thanks to technology, we're riding iron horses. Riding is go West all over again...have you thought of that.?
    Obviously , we are going to be looked upon as the wild west ironhorse riding bandits... and we need to live with that until riding becomes the preffered transportation mode of all Canadians from coast to coast to coast....and it's happening Sista...just be patient...! We shall overcome and yes WE CAN
    and yes WE WILL DO IT
    Now as why he shut down his site...Hell How do I or you or anybody know.... I think we need to rally as a community, express our thoughts, behave responsibly, preach the riding advantages, take the punches directed at us and rise above controversy.
    You are certainly contributing to raising our profile in the country and this is appreciated. We all, including you, need to be more aware of our suuroundings and be careful on how we express our opinions. Being confrontational is just not going to do it for us. We need to win this game...yes, game...! and in order to do this...we have to be prepared to kiss ass.....Yes,you heard me right,kiss ass and get legistlation in place that will ensure our safety, our integrety, our community, our future, and above all FREEDOM and Legitimacy.!