I just completed the BDB Club (Bikers Discount Buying Club) Members Listings for November.

We now have 93 business partners! It's been a great exercise in laying out the phone book of Rider Friendly Businesses!

Have you downloaded and printed off your savings card? Why not?

It's located here:
Scroll down to the bottom of the page!

Our classifieds section has been reinstalled and we have a ton of new items for sale including some great motorcycles!

The link to our classifieds section is:

Every day you will be seeing changes, some will be subtle and some will be in your face but pretty much every day there will be something new to see or do on the site. A Motorcycle Riders Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Department all rolled in to one!

If you aren't a member or you don't log in you will never know how much wonderful information you are missing out on! Join us today - it's free!

Snow here in Grande Prairie will preclude us from riding for a while! 3 cm of the fluffy white crap has landed! UGH.

How do you feel about "President Obama"?

I for one see so much of JFK in him. I think he is going to make a great President and look forward to the changes he plans on bringing not only to the USA but North America and the WORLD! Congratulations President Elect Obama.

If you are lucky enough to still be riding - Please ride like they are out to get you.

Belt Drive Betty

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