Well for once there's nothing much at all in the news and since it's build the newspaper day that suits me just fine.

It's a big job laying out the paper every week and one I enjoy thoroughly.

I want to bend your ear a bit about getting involved here. Come on over and join we'd love to have your input and feedback.

We have tons of ways for you to get the message out about your riding club, your town or your business.

We'd love to have you submitting you clubs news to us! We'd love to get to know your town and it's people so how about getting involved?

Anyway - I am going to build the newspaper so you have a great day and I'll chat at yah tomorrow!

If you are lucky enough to still be riding - please ride like everyone else around you is blind and can't see you....

Stay safe and have a wonderful Sunday...

Bel Drive Betty

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