I have come to the conclusion that I need a business manager as I am quite obviously too trusting of people.

I need an office manager/business manager to run all things financial around here.

I have far too many people who owe me money and guess what, the ones who owe me the most are people I thought were friends so I never made them sign anything. A hand shake or a hug was all that sealed the deal.

Yah - I need to learn how to CMA (Cover my ass). Its a sad testament to humanity that your friends are the ones who rip you off, use and abuse you and then when it comes time to pay their bill...I am sure many of you have been where I am.

Since Grande Prairie is the worst place to live when you are trying to find staff I guess I am going to have to invent some one to be my business manager.

I think this person needs to be part pit bull, part Maxine - someone who just doesn't really care who you are going to sign a contract first.

Right now I am sitting with bad debt from people/businesses totalling almost $7,000
Thank goodness I have a husband that pays the bills or I'd be living in a cardboard box.

It is sad - when I look back over all of the security changes we have had to implement on our site because of spammers and dishonest people.

I look at how I have had to change the way I do business - paperwork out the arse to deal with because everything now has to be in writing.

Yes I need a pit bull for an office/business manager so if any of you has one you can recommend - contact me please!

If you are lucky enough to live where you can still ride - PLEASE stay safe out there.

Otherwise have a great Friday

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Remember the rule,
    Friends and Business don't mix
    It's like a bad Gin and vodka.