Well, originally I was going to ride from Grande Prairie to Wasaga Beach Ontario for the Chrome Diva's International Female Ride Day on July 25th.

However, hubby has been on this roller coaster with his health and so I looked into flying to Toronto and renting a bike. Looks like that is what I'll be doing.

I was really looking forward to a 4,000 km ride one way but the time away from home with hubby in the shape he's in, no - can't be gone that long.

Rocky's in London has a Street Glide I can rent for the weekend with unlimited kilometers and with airfare so cheap I can do the whole trip, bike rental included for under a $1,000

So, I won't set any mileage records on my own machine this year but hey- I am still riding and right now that counts for a lot.

I spent some time in the parking lot just up the street from my house practising the Ride Like a Pro Techniques.

I can now ride over a two by four with out spitting it out and the 12' cone weave, I actually am getting that...after practice, I went to the local Timmy's to hand out some fliers for our upcoming Ride to Peace River for AIM-Can & Ride for Dad...I still had the foam on my crash bars and I was amazed at how many people knew what I was up to.

"You were practicing the Ride like a Pro?" And we now have 4 or 5 people geared up for some time in the college's parking lot to practice and help each other. I was amazed at how many men were willing to admit they needed to know more and become better riders!

That I know of now, at least 15 people in the area have bought the DVD's and only one remembered to ask for the discount that Motorman offers BDB Club Members...

I am excited to be learning new skills - lifelong learning is important to staying young and healthy!

Ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you, stay hydrated and PLEASE, use some respect and restraint with that right hand...

Belt Drive Betty

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