For 6 years my dream, my goal has been to provide riders with a central clearinghouse of information. A place where you can go to find out the news about what's going on in motorcycling, where all of the events are etc...

Very soon, and I do mean VERY SOON, our web site will be relaunching and with it a whole whack of sharing tools that is going to make it easier than ever for riders to share what's shaking.

A while back we asked the question, what can we do to make the site better and overwhelmingly the response was make it more like Facebook - so - we are!

Some of the tools and functionality that will be available to we riders is going to rock your socks!

I got a sneak preview last night of all of the tools and components that Ali has been feverishly configuring for us.

I think you will be totally impressed.

I am so excited and can't wait until Ali gives me the word that we are ready to show it to you all!

Just a few more sleeps as long as no other major gremlins rear their ugly heads...

In other news, McCool's Street Bar & Grill has not been able to decide on their logo winner. Scott says he and his staff are still debating between a couple. He promises an answer very soon.

I look forward to seeing which of the over 50 entries has been chosen.

It's cold, gloomy and raining her in GP - good thing I have a lot of paperwork to do here!

If you are riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you, stay hydrated and PLEASE - use respect with that throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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