I am getting excited...we are having an Over Night Dice Run tomorrow!
It's a fundraiser for AIM-Can - we are raising some $ for Layton Park
It's also our inaugural Ride for Dad!

The whole event is being filmed for Mighty Peace Tourism.
Our friend Mike Cole from the Winter Ride for Diabetes is coming for the run, it will be good to see the crazy lad again!

Our goal is 50 bikes on the run. I hope you can join us - it's $20 to get involved - we have all kinds of giveaways, a few silent auction items. Friday night we have a meet 'n' greet with free appies and on Saturday we have a free lunch and end of the run BBQ!

Other than in the parking lot I haven't had much time on my motorcycle so I am really looking forward to the run.

My trip to Wasaga Beach is all arranged, I am looking so forward to seeing my sisters of the Chrome Divas!

Layton is doing better, hubby's still having some challenges...speaking of hubby, there is an article about hubby and I in Fytness Fanatik Magazine Amanda, the editor is a rider and the whole magazine this month is devoted to motorcyclists.

One thing I am really loving about my job of late is "meeting" all of the other business people who ride. It is interesting to know the depth and variety of people who ride!

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you, stay hydrated and PLEASE, use respect with your throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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