The time has come for all motorcycle awareness groups in Canada to come together to start a trend towards improving motorcycle safety.

Too many, far, far too many good and talented people have been dying in our community.
Dying in left hand turn accidents - avoidable left hand turn accidents.
Accidents involving inattention/distraction by motorists, illegal u turns and failing to stop infractions.

Terry from Fantom Choppers, Duane in Red Deer, a young man in London Ontario, killed when a driver failed to stop. I can go on and on - it's like an epidemic in this country.

What's even more horrifying from my point of view are the charges that are being laid.
Failing to stop? How about adding a charge of undo care and attention causing death?

I personally think it is high time that AIM-Can, AIM, BRO, OCC,, Biker Down in Nova Scotia and all organizations involved in riders rights including BCCOM, Saskatchewan Motorcycle Association and all of the Safety Councils across this country sat down together either by video phone or something and get together to produce so solid and unified lobbying efforts for stiffer penalties and we need to work on a really good safe driving campaign.

We need to approach the issue of unsafe motorists in such a way that we are promoting and focusing on BEING SAFER - Attention goes where energy flows!

We want to promote safe riding, safe driving - we do not want to be against bad driving - we'll only get more bad driving!

I have what I believe is a really GREAT idea...
I would love to host a video contest. We'd need some prizes and buy in from the community at large...

The contest idea:

Produce a 30 second commercial PROMOTING safe driving at intersections for motorists
The commercial must include a motorcyclists going straight and the automobile driver wanting to turn left....The goal would be to see these commercials be sponsored and played on TV stations and web sites across the country as Public Service announcements that could play during the entire riding season.

If any of you who read this blog, think that it is a good idea and would like to become involved, PLEASE respond to this post with what ever help or involvement you might wish to offer.

We could expand this idea into other areas of concern like cell phones and texting issues, distractions inside a vehicle, tailgating etc. Promoting the right way to be driving, not focusing on the bad driving behaviors.

I for one am tired of loosing so many good people because of the poor choices of others,
and I am also tired of the way tickets and charges are handled in these cases.

A united community is a strong community. If we learned to work together on causes and issues that are close to and affect all of us we might actually get somewhere.

Please join us on where we are working to create a stronger riding community in Canada by sharing ideas, information and thoughts!

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, please take a walk around that iron steed and check it over. Stay hydrated, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and please, use respect with that throttle hand!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. I don't know why these accidents are happening. If they drived carefully i hope it might not happen. Most of the accidents are happening due to OVERSPEED. Life is in our hands.
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