Our good friend, Tom Mann of Biker TV is in London hospital in Ontario recovering from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. We have no other details than he is doing OK.

My thoughts and healing prayers are with Kathleen Purser who went down in Mayerthorpe on the weekend. She is in the U of A in ICU, fighting for her life.

Duane " Bling" Lowry's Memorial will be held at the Heritage Ranch, the date is still to be announced.

Saskatchewan bikers lover their Timmy's!
10 motorcyclists were having a coffee in the Tim Horton's on Regina's Albert Street and
4th Avenue when they noticed two men putting on masks. One of them had a machete.

That's when the bikers took action. Staff-Sgt Brian Wilkinson says the man with the knife
tried to use it on one of the bikers. "A couple of these helpers jumped the bad guy and took the machete away from him and held him for police."

In Nova Scotia, a rider from Moncton NB and a black bear had an encounter you really don't want....he credits good gear for coming out of it virtually unscathed!

It's been a rough riding season on our community and guys like the 7 in Edmonton who got caught speeding by the police helicopter don't really help our cause much!

The OPP in Ontario are cracking down on aggressive motorcyclists - sport bike riders in particular. They have seized a number of bikes for stunting, speeding and failing to stop for police...when are people going to get it? YOU CAN NOT OUT RUN A MOTOROLA!

I have a question to ask...

When are we riders going to come together as a community, from coast to coast to coast and start creating a positive movement towards safety?

It's time folks. I am sick of seeing people on their bikes wearing sandals, flip flops, shorts, tees and bikini's. I am sick of hearing about people I care about sustaining life altering injuries or dying in avoidable accidents. My heart is heavy people. I am sure yours must be as well...

The Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists of Canada would like to invite you to start a chapter in your region - the Alliance is all about supporting riders and their families in the days, weeks and months after a motorcycle accident. For more information on the Alliance and how to get involved please visit their web site.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, please take a walk around that Iron Steed of yours. Ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, stay hydrated and please use your head for something other than a helmet rack...

Belt Drive Betty

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