Our web site: was recently moved to a new server.

As a result of that move, our web site is now fast and easy to use.

We want riders, riding clubs, event organizers, businesses and tourism regions with rider friendly businesses to use our web site to promote their causes, rides, regions and businesses.

We have made it as easy as possible, as simple as possible for you to promote your "thing" whatever that may be and IF you are a member of Face Book or a good number of social networks, we have made it so that once you add an article to our web site, you can share it with your friends n Face Book - a great bang for your valuable time!

Your articles go live the minute you save them - you can control the look and feel of your information - every page, every section where we accept membership submissions has a SUBMIT YOUR (Article/Poem/News - Whatever).... link

Promote your riding club by submitting a Riding Club Profile.

Promote your event by having it added to our on line calendars, submitting a Motorcycle Event article to our Travel & Tourism area for your province.

Promote your business in our business section, promote your band - gear-art- in the lifestyle section.
Promote your discipline by submitting to our sports section.
Join in contests, auctions and never fill out another registration form - do puzzles in our forums or get to know other riders.
Share photos, tag people and create you own friends network.
Share your favorite Day Ride, your favorite recipes, your favorite poems, honor our troops....
Become a member of our Canadian Riders Network of Riders willing to assist during a time of need when on the road.
All of this and more is available to our membership for FREE

Businesses - You can now post your jobs to be filled on our site FOR FREE
Riders - You can now post your resume and apply for jobs right on line. FOR FREE

Our Newly overhauled Classifieds ad section is ready to accept your products for sale, trade or swap be you Business or Rider - it's FREE to our members and remember - Membership is FREE

You get a savings card that is good at over 150 locations and growing.

Yes we have some paid services too.

Our Newspaper - The Busted Knuckle Chronicles is printed weekly - 48 times a year and is available in print - at rallies, in stores, coffee shops etc and delivered to your door.
It is also available electronically - delivered to your computers in box every Thursday morning.

Along with your link to the newspaper is our newsletter - it is filled with last minute information, new BDB Club partners and all sorts of interesting information. It is also your weekly reminder to come to the web site at and see what else has been going on in our community.

The cost for the printed version of the newspaper is $47.20 GST Inc for one year
The cost for the Electronic version of the newspaper if $15.75 GST Inc for one year

Our Community Phone Book - the printed Version will be free in 2010 at participating businesses etc, or available for $15 plus shipping, handling and taxes
On line as part of our web site, it is available for free as are the GPS Coordinate information!

Our entire site is mobile too and available to our membership for FREE at - broke down? Got to wandering and meandering and Got lost?
If you need help on the road - our resources are available to you on your smart phone or web enabled phone!

For Business we have a ton of services we offer in our paid services category...
Print ads in our weekly newspaper, the Busted Knuckle Chronicles
Web Site ads on
Phone Book ads in our electronic and printed Rider Friendly Business Directory & Community Phone Book The Little Black Book

There are a ton of tools at your disposal on

We are so much more than good event calendars - we are your clearinghouse of information for everything Motorcycle Related in Canada. We are your chamber of commerce, your tourism destination office, your shopping guide and so very much more.

There are over 400 active riding club links - add yours today!
There are web site links, and web wheel links - if its about motorcycling, motorcyclists or anything they do - we do our best to serve it up to you.

So come, join us in creating a strong on line information hub where all roads lead to the news, information and resources you as a motorcyclist needs -
Come promote yourself - it's easy to do!

If you need any help while on our web site, drop in to our forums, use our live help located at the bottom of your home page. Or email either Ali or myself through the contact us section of the web site located at the bottom of every page.

Your home page is your central hub for everything you do and participate in on our web site.
And for the for-see-able future, we will have more tools, more resources and more contests and auctions for you to participate in coming on line.

Stay tuned because we are on the grow again!

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, PLEASE - take a walk around that Iron Steed and really look at it. Stay hydrated - ride like everyone around you si blind and can not see you and PLEASE, use respect with that throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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