We have been asked by many people, why do we require so much information to register for the Free Membership on our site.

Here's the answers:

Your name and mailing address, we need this information for three main reasons:
  • If you subscribe to our newspaper, the Busted Knuckle Chronicles, we will be mailing you out a hard card once per year - that card is good for specials, special services and or discounts at member businesses. Right now, about 140 - 150 locations and growing.
  • If you are "free" member, in other words you use our tools and news but do not subscribe to the newspaper, we still need your information to send out prizes. We run a number of contests all year long, and on the chance you decide to enter one, having your accurate and up to date contact information means getting your prizes to you. If you want to submit articles or stories, we need to know your information just as if you had submitted a story to the regular newspaper. Not to mention that if you decide you like what we do and choose to later subscribe to the paper, it makes it easy on all of us!
I don't like calling or bugging people if I don't need to!
(I am a one person admin team at the moment)
  • Because everyone fills out the same form, business partners or members, our business partners know that our information is rock solid. That gives us the credibility in their eyes that they have come to the right place. Our list is not bloated - it is not fabricated.
Why do we want to know the brand you ride?

So we can ensure that we are providing all of our members information that has value to them and we can gear our contests and information to suit our community.

Why do you want to know what I do for a living?

As many people know, statistics are what drive our governments and their agencies.
Being able to tell tourism and other government departments who makes up our community in statistical terms has enormous value to our community. In terms of lobbying, there is also great value in statistics.
We can share the statistics that hold NO personal information with our various counterparts

Why do you want to know if I own my own business?

All riders are encouraged to promote their businesses to other riders. If you choose to put the information about your company in your profile, we MAY, contact you to ask you if advertising and promotion of your business to others in the riding community would interest you. You will NEVER get a high pressured sales call. You will generally get an email asking if it is OK for us to send you the marketing information or a phone call to ask the same question.
This is also valuable statistical information and we can share the statistics that hold NO personal information with our various counterparts.

Why do you want to know what riding club I ride with?

Again, content and contests and how we decide what we are going to do and or provide is largely driven by the community and its interests. We also want to ensure that every group is represented, that they are promoted...

What is the BDB Club?

For you riders it is the Bikers Discount Buying Club

For business owners - it's the Bikers doing Business Association

Both are a part of the non registered Belt Drive Betty Foundation which has a mandate to assist the promotion of the riding community, it's people, businesses and charities.
Here at Belt Drive Betty, we are not some big faceless corporation that just wants to make money. We are here to work FOR our community.

Ali and I, along with the riding clubs, groups and individuals who write articles and share with us are riders who want to see our community be treated with respect and dignity.
We want our community to be strong and vibrant.

Ali and I have been working on fixing and fine tuning a few things. Watch for changes and improvements on the site daily for the next while.

Our classifieds section is now up and running and ready to receive your ads!

Our Cook book is also up and running and ready to receive your recipes.
As always, we accept story submissions from all of our members - we do have to approve them and put them in the appropriate category so they may not appear immediately.

Our Riding Club Directory has been moved from the old server and installed - please check to see if your group, club or chapter is represented there and if not - add them!

Our forums are up and running and super easy to use.

Your personal photo galleries are ready to use )This is the link to the general community albums list) To create your own gallery, click on the Gallery Component in your profile tool box in the center of your profile/home page.

You can now share your stuff from our web site to your Facebook page as well as to our forums and by email to your friends! Different components allow you to share in different ways.
As we go, more and more of our tools and components will be sharable!

And you can comment on articles in the news and share the news with your friends!

Please join us...

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, please take a walk around that iron steed, stay hydrated, ride like everyone around you is blind, and PLEASE, use respect with that throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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