Over the last few weeks we printed two articles in the Busted Knuckle Chronicles - one in French and one in English about an Ontario Chrome Diva who needed help and man did the people who read the Busted Knuckle Chronicles come through in a BIG way.

Two donors - two matches - were found for Diva Lise. At least two people went for the tests and were identified as matches and now on September 22nd, Lise will go for her first consultation for a bone marrow transplant!

I am so humbled and so honored that two of the people who read this paper took the time to give the gift of life. I wished I could hug and kiss you! Lise had no other avenue to have her story told and her plea to be heard. Because you took the time to read the paper - because you took the time to go for the blood test our gal Lise has a shot!


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  1. oh
    I'm all goosebumply!
    well done BDB

    cos really - after the problems you had around your trip with that group of could have chosen to paint em all with the same brush...

    turns out yer a class act (not like I'm surprised er nuttin) cos you chose to not treat the rest of the Diva's like that one bad apple

    Brava my friend...well done
    and Bravo to the people that came forward to be tested!

  2. Yes Bravo all around...May God Bless you for having done this and for showing us all that yes, there are good people all around us...sometimes, more than we know.