There's a lot of politics in the biker community - there always has been, I guess there will always be. (Fighting's part of family just as much as banding together in times of need and common causes) But when the chips are down and the gloves come off and we get down to the basics of acting like brothers and sisters there are miracles that happen.


A little while ago the Handle Bar Hideout in Sylvan Lake held a downed rider poker run. They raised $660 and donated it to AIM-Can - the Peace Country Chapter here in Grande Prairie, since we are the only official AIM-Can Chapter in the province at the moment.

Tonight at our meeting our Vice President Larry DeBolt (Toys for Tots Member) and our Past President Robin Peterman (CMC Member) put forth a motion that was past - for our chapter to send $660 to the Damon Nagy Family Trust in High River and $660 to the Duane Burr Family.  Duane and his wife just had a baby and we know a few extra dollars could probably be put to use there and Damon has 5 kids to support so...

It was felt that since a business from central Alberta had supported us with a gift we should match it and send it back south.

Gives me goose bumps - I gotta tell you. This, this is what I love about the biker community.  You guys and dolls are some wonderful people!

Belt Drive Betty
AIM-Can National VP

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