The Dumb Ass of the Day Award belongs to a rider from Notre-Dame that was caught doing 151 kilometers per hour in a 50 zone. Not bad enough, he blew over twice the legal limit!

Guys like this make me wonder if we will ever see safer road ways.

Thunder City Power and Leisure Antique Motorcycle Show was held in Regina this past weekend. By all accounts the crowd that came out was very appreciative of the old rides of the Regina and area community!

BC - the lower mainland in particular seems to be having more than it's share of motorcycle accidents. One Rider is dead after an accident in Surrey and two people were taken to hospital after their ride was cut off by an SUV inn Langley.

I can't say it enough, safer road ways has got to become a mission in this community, we are loosing far too many good people and seeing many more injured and maimed for life.

It's enough to break your heart.

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, please use your head for something beside a helmet rack and ride like everyone around you is blind and can't see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP
Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists of Canada

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