Yesterday was another of those days where gratitude was in huge play.
A friend of mine, Lynne is helping me to contact all of our print subscribers and let them know about the changes to the paper and what we are doing to survive in this bizarre economy.

The response we got was overwhelming - what a great show of support for what we do.

We so far have lost two subscribers and ONLY because they have no internet! I am so grateful to Lynn for helping and you guys for the vote of confidence!

Thank you for giving this crabby old broad such a sense of accomplishment.
It is very rewarding to hear the comments and feedback...

I had a meeting yesterday with the two MLA's for the Grande Prairie Region ( Wayne Drysdale & Mel Knight) - the meeting was in my capacity as the National VP for A.I.M. Can

We discussed road repairs, road safety, motorcycle awareness among other things. It was a rewarding meeting I think and I look forward to the information and contacts that both men committed  to providing A.I.M.Can. Both were quite surprised to hear that the Peace Region has approximately 10% of the provinces registered for highway use motorcycles!

In the news today, OMG..
I haven't seen that much activity in mainstream news feeds in AGES!
We have two, count them TWO motorcycle accidents in the news and one fatal accident from a month ago where the police are looking for help.

Author Greg Williams has his new and FIRST book being launched at Kane's H-D in Calgary on December 6th. The book's title: Prairie Dust, Motorcycles and a Typewriter: The Story of Bernie Nicholson and Modern Motorcycle Mechanics.

I am sure that Greg's book will be a big hit, he's such a talented writer. Greg is a columnist for the Calgary Herald and was involved in a bad motorcycle accident on his water buffalo a number of years back that sees him wheel chair bound these days.  Greg - I wish you the best of everything - YOU DESERVE IT! The man is a true inspiration!

The Hells Angels are in the news again. As two members of the East End chapter are heading for court on December 7th for drug trafficking but their lawyers are trying to get the charges of having sold those drugs for a criminal organization - squashed.

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Help us to continue spreading the word and telling the stories of motorcyclists and motorcycle communities across Canada....

Thank you gang!
Belt Drive Betty
National VP - A.I.M.Can

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