Hey gang,

As I said in my blog yesterday, we are in a position where we are going to be relying heavily on donations to keep the web site, the newspaper and the events calendars going.

If it was not for the debt from the bike show, we could have weathered this economic down turn much easier.  As it is, once the January Bike Shows are over, I will most likely be looking for work to tide us over until the economy improves.

Help us to be here to support our community with news and information that directly affects us, the Canadian rider...when you donate to us, we give you an 80 page electronic joke book that you can down load and read at your leisure - they are some of the best jokes that were sent in to the paper in 2005 and 2006! It is our thanks for your support.

Here is a link to the donation page:

We have gotten one donation for the web site so far:
Mike the Party Hog - thank you!

If what we do has any meaning or value to you, please consider donating.


Belt Drive Betty

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