I have a ton of advertisers who are fighting for their financial lives right now.
They have either canceled their advertising or have parred back.

That leaves a business like mine in a jamb. Especially with the Bike Show Debt that I am juggling. Two years I have been packing that debt and not really getting anywhere with it. And now a second round of recessional cut backs from advertisers.

Gang, I gotta tell yah, if you want this newspaper, the web sites, the event calendars and the tools we provide to continue, then I need your help. Until things improve and advertisers feel free to start spending some money again...

But I also don't want something for nothing - charity ain't my bag unless I am helping someone else out, so here's the deal:

If you are willing to donate to us, we will be giving you an 80 page
Electronic Joke Book Called "When Life hands you some lemons...Make Lemon Meringue  Pies" to download! As our way of saying thank you!

It is filled with jokes that have been submitted to the Busted Knuckle in 2005 and 2006!

Please donate whatever you feel is a just reward for our web site and services and their worth to you. Help us keep the lights on and the doors open in spite of what is happening to our advertisers. Our charitable events still need help gang!

Thank you for whatever you decide to do, become a subscriber to the Electronic Newspaper or donate a few buck towards keeping the web site and everything going...

Your help will help us keep doing what we do to help our community!

Watch for our donation button to become available later today.

Humbly yours

Belt Drive Betty

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