To those who live south of the border and those misguided creatures like Ali, our wonderful web mistress who is transplanted here in the north - Happy Thanksgiving.

In some ways I am glad that the Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, with ours having been a bit ago, it's a nice reminder to give thanks for all of the blessings we do have.

In spite of the down turn in the economy and in spite of the number of businesses that have closed their doors owing us money - I am so very blessed.

I have a wonderful husband, who in spite of his MS works hard and supports me in more ways than one.

I have a wonderful daughter. A cute little home.
I have good friends and have quit smoking!

Are things really freaking rough right now? Absolutely. Are we going to get through it - YOU KNOW IT! Because of you, our readers, the great people we work with...we'll come out the other end of this crunch, better, different, stronger...

Thank you to Miles H from Crowsnest Pass AB for buying a Lemon Meringue Pie Joke Book and supporting the cause.  Every donation to keeping our site and newspaper going is deeply appreciated!

Now then, Atlanticade - the city of Moncton lost it, St Andrews has it now and MAN does that whole scene sound too familiar to this gal....

For those who don't know it, I used to hold Custom Motorcycle Shows and Rallies - would I do it again???  Depends on who I was working with. Greed and Politics are two things this bull in a China shop has NO PATIENCE FOR!

From the history I know about Atlanticade, the city of Moncton either got greedy OR decided it really did not want motorcycles.

You see the fates and fortunes of motorcycle events has a lot more to do with the top cop and the mayor of any community than most people realize. If the top cop and the mayor don't mind motorcycles - events generally get support and few road blocks are put up.
If the Mayor and the top cop get along - even better!

If however, the mayor happens to think he can make big money off the backs of event coordinators - guess what, you end up with ridiculous vending fees, stupid things like two and three festival licenses being allowed the same weekend for different kinds of events, hotel rooms and the like are subsequently over can be a nightmare when the city/town and the event coordinator are operating with two different agendas! 
Add an RCMP or policing agenda into the mix and you have a real class A horror show on your hands!

Ask me - I know - this whole gig cost me in the 100K neighborhood to learn that lesson.
If the top cop don't like an event type - he/she can make it REAL EXPENSIVE, REAL INCONVENIENT AND REALLY TYRANICAL!

If you read the latest round of news on this event you will note that last year, the organizer, Dale Hicks had made his frustration with the city well known.
The move is being viewed by the committee that hosts Atlanticade as a very positive one:

"Leaving Moncton was not an easy decision but St. Andrews offers some very unique benefits to the festival which the committee believes will be key to the overall success and growth of the event. The fact everything will be located within a five minute walk, the charm of the downtown, being situated on the water, and having the famous Algonquin Hotel as the headquarters for the festival should make for a welcoming atmosphere for the participants," said committee member Krista Mollins-Jamieson.
(From the Times & Transcript Article)

The Mayor of St Andrews, John Craig is reported to be very pleased for his community and region to have tourism income potential for the region.

I wish Dale and the organizing committee much success with their move. When I moved the bike show out of the north country here in Alberta to central AB - it cost me damned near everything including my hopes for you guys is that this move is positive and fruitful! My advice to you - work on good relationships with the Mayor and the Police - the rest will come!!!!

I hope you all have a great day.
If you are one of my American Brothers/Sisters - Happy Thanksgiving...
for the rest of you - Happy Day!

Ride safely if you live where you can ride - you lucky dog!

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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