I am so excited - yes indeed, EXCITED!!!!

This new government program that is replacing the two publications grants the Federal Government is phasing out includes newspapers! The old programs didn't.

If we can obtain 2500 more paid subscribers we can at least get in the door to qualify!
Since we don't seem to qualify for anything else of import - this is BIG news!

So, how are we going to attract 2500 people before the mid of March???

Well we started out by sponsoring a whole ton of FREE subscriptions.on line memberships and phone books to:
The Motorcycle Ride for Dad - Edmonton and Calgary Chapters
The CAV - the Ypres Unit
The Ontario Chrome Divas
The Tri City H-D Baggers & Hawgs Den
WITW - Calgary Chapter
WITW - Southern AB Chapter

These organizations will be selling subscriptions/memberships/phonebooks packages for the same $20 we normally do but THEY KEEP ALL OF THE MONEY so you are helping out a great cause in the charity/group you are buying from AND you are helping us at the paper!

We are also supporting some of the A.I.M.Can Chapters with 50-50 fundraising. For every subscription/membership/phone book package they sell they keep 50% of the proceeds...

Thorsby - Central AB Chapter
Foremost - Southern AB Chapter
and The Flatland Riders is Estevan SK - for the Bikers against Diabetes Rodeo.

I know I need the funds from these sales but I need the subscribers more so I hope you will support these groups and their causes by buying your subscription from them! And please, spread the news cause we really want to qualify for the funding that is being offered!!!!

I have 15 more cases of phonebooks (subscription/membership packages) that I need to get into the hands of riding clubs that want to do some fundraising... If your riding club or charitable group feels they can sell 98 packages then we'd love to hear from you! Do the math folks - 98 x $20 = $1960 whether your group is getting ALL of the money or 50% of the money it's a pretty decent amount of cash and requires very little effort!
I love win/win/win stuff like this!

In the news today - The Hells Angels are in the news on a couple of fronts. Out in Ontario - 8 members were rounded up, but the story that has me shaking my head and actually - seriously laughing is the one involving a certain Mr Punko and his attorney's suggestion that Mr Punko should go free.  Now why would this make me laugh? Well - read the article and see if it doesn't strike at your funny bone a bit. I think the attorney for Mr. Punko has been being schooled by Cpl Monty Robinson...

If ever you are trying to find the latest news on our site go to the What's Hot page and on the bottom left you'll see the block with the latest news - why am I telling you this? Cause there's so freaking much in the news that I do not have time to draw your attention to all of it today!

If like my buddy Ric Lambert you are fortunate enough to be riding today - please, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you. Otherwise, come join us over at for the Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine - and to whomever on Facebook who reported our event as abusive - KISS MINE - we riders deserve to have some fun...

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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