As part of our never ending quest to improve customer service for motorcyclists I was wondering what is important to you guys and dolls that like to camp.

I am more of a motel/hotel person and I need to know what it is about campgrounds that you like, the things you really resent or don't like so that we can create an information/training package for these tourism operators.

Your input will greatly assist us in making sure that our government and tourism knows what we need in a campground.

Some of the things I want to know:
Have you ever been turned away from a campground here in Canada and if so, where.

For those not riding a dual sport - how far down gravel will you travel in order to get to a campground?

What ammenities are important to you?

Why do you camp?

If there is anything else that you can think of that would be of value or importance to a campground owner to know so that they can offer you what you are looking for.

I hope you will take a moment to fill out our 10 question Hotel/Motel Survey please...

The 2010 Red Deer Motorcycle Show is set to get underway at 4pm today - I hope Red Deer is up to the hugging challenge!

In the news today:
Aprilia is recalling the engine for the RSV4

Registration for our Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine must be in by midnight on January 31st - Voting begins on February 1st.

We have NO Entries for the Rat Class!!!!

If you are fortunate enough to be riding, please ride like eveyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.  Can

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