B.C. Liberal MLA Jane Thornthwaite got caught in an RCMP check stop coming home after one of the Olympic "parties"

The Quebec government vows to clean up the construction industry - one claim is that "Bikers" - more specifically the Hells Angels have ties...

Triumph plans to add 7 new models to it's line up.

Iphone apps are all the rage and Bike Bandit is the newest motorcycle app...

The sport bike festival in the United Arab Emirates is set to start this weekend.

Former American Motorcyclist Association Board Chairman Dal Smilie has pleaded guilty for fraud.

Yes it's a busy day in the world of motorcycles.
Perhaps the article about Liberal MLA Jane Thornthwaite is not about motorycles - but I do feel it is important that we look at the humanness of such an action - NO ONE is perfect.
NO ONE is above the law. I wished that the NO ONE is above the law ideal applied to the RCMP - we are still all wondering why Monty Robinson wasn't charged with leaving the scene of an accident...

I am in talks with the lawyers for Best Western over their trade marking of the words Rider-Friendly.
I am waiting for guidance and advice about my application for trademarking our Rider Friendly Business Association - we shall see if we can get a coexistence agreement in place or not.

If not I am looking at a $750 filing fee to dispute their mark and then 2-4 years of legal wrangling with trade mark lawyers charging $475 per HOUR - it's no wonder that only big corporations can protect themselves - we little people can't afford that kind of idiotic - make me feel raped - kind of fees. If I do the fight myself I will NEVER get our of debt as I will never get to do ad sales....can you say rock and hard place????

Pre Paid Legal is sounding better and better all of the time and I hope Wayne Wald gets back to me really soon with a program for our association that will make legal help far more affordable.

In the meantime - I am looking for ideas for our association's name and new logo's etc so that if we can't come to an agreement and I decide that it's not worth fighting for then I need to be ready to change EVERYTHING.

It sucks but what else can a little person do?
Perhaps there is a biker lawyer out there willing to help...

The ideas so far are:
Biker Friendly Business Association
Motorcyclist Friendly Business Association
Motorcycle Friendly Business Association

Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated.

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