It is official gang - the police services across this country are going to be doing MAJOR noise crackdowns this spring.

You can save yourself and everyone who rides a lot of grief and complaining/whining and snivelling by:
1 - Not having excessively loud pipes on you motorcycle.
2 - Using your head for something besides a hat rack - that right hand does not need to be used so hard in town - your motorcycle should not be a fashion statement.

Those two suggestions will save you and the entire motorcycle community grief and this one will save more...
# 3 would be - if you see or HEAR someone on a motorcycle acting like a cowboy - giving our community a bad name - tell them so - educate them - do something. To just shake your head is not going to help us out here people.

Our Cross Canada Awareness Conga is coming together beautifully - It is going to be amazing to see all of the bikes riding down the highway knowing that everyone is there to support and promote their individual causes and the Give the kids the Village in Orlando - we want to send some terminally ill Canadian kids and their families to Florida! I am so impressed with how many people have already committed to the ride! Join us on Face Book: Belt Drive Betty's Awareness Conga to the Wharf Rat Rally - Leaves Grande Prairie August 10th and gets in to Digby NS for August 31st!

Our route will be finalized soon - and I hope you can join us for an hour, a day or the whole journey!

In the news today:

Iphone apps and motorcycles

Ontario police are worried about the void the Hells Angels have left in the drug trade

Kelowna BC is having a Boot Camp for those wanting to get their motorcycle license...

Edmonton AB is planning a MAJOR Noise Crackdown

Adrian Blake's mic will be turned off as Ride goes off the air. Sad to see him leave the Blog Talk Network but as he stated getting paid for what one does is kind of important these days - having passion for the community is important but eating is just as important. I wish this very talented interviewer and writer all the best in his future endeavours - he will still be writing motorcycle colums for the SUN network of papers....

There is a lot of sports news today too so head on over to to get your fill!
We scour and sift through the news feeds to make sure yo only get MOTORCYCLE news - not mountain biking or any other kind of biking news - strictly motorcycles!!!

A few people have emailed me wondering why we extended the voting on the show 'n' shine by three days....well when we first launched it we had a few problems with the voting for the first three days sooo we added three to the back end to ensure that everyone got their opportunity to have all of the votes possible on their machines. I hope that's OK with all of you..

If you are riding your motorcycle PLEASE ride like every buggar in the country is out to get you and or can not see you please!!!!!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone...

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YOU, make it a great day!

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and your hand over my mouth! Amen
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