I love my job, just not always the technology that goes with it.
When it works right it's fine, when it doesn't...and when the idiot using the technology makes a mistake look out!

Like yesterday. I finally got the decks cleared so I could get my invoicing done. Now I don't enjoy doing books and I enjoy it even less when every freaking email I sent out - people are emailing me back that they didn't get their invoice or the other documents I sent them. Why - because I was sending a letter to them that was formatted to make it easier to read - I sent it in Rich Text - not realizing my PDF's wouldn't go with them so now I have to resend ALL of my invoices and documents...Man I wished I could cut a break in the office.

Our new president for the Alliance (A.I.M. Can) here in the Peace Country works for a local radio station and he is learning a new traffic program at work and yah, he's having a hell of a, when it works life is good, when it doesn't or you don't know what you are doing (learning) oh boy...
I have been desperately trying to find an admin assistant as you all know - and I have stepped up the search only to be disappointed time after time. The oil and gas industry here has made it so small business people like me will never be able to afford to hire staff in Grande Prairie.

People here with any kind of computer skill or office organizational skills want $28 to $35 dollars an hour. So either I start charging $100 a year for use of the web site and your newspaper subscriptions OR get 400 advertisers with in the next 6 months OR it will be Octnever before I have any admin help. It's retarded to me that some one with ZERO skill, no knowledge and horrible work ethics and habits wants $15 an hour cash as a contractor and even more ridiculous that those with skills but no knowledge of my industry or business want $35 an hour.

These same people wonder why they have been cut down to two and three days a week at their regular job - even the oil and gas industry can't pay the big wages these people seem to feel they deserve or now need because they are used to getting it. 

Someone I have to sit with, train how to use a computer, train how to use the programs I use wants $15 an hour - I don't have the time to do that and besides - if I have to teach you how to do everything including turning on a damned computer or opening up a minimized screen you should be paying me for the training....what the hell????

Then there's these new grant programs - Stephen Harper - YOU SIR, DO NOT BELONG IN THE PM'S OFFICE....the new guidelines for application came out yesterday and guess what the geniuses in Ottawa did...if you are a green publication you don't qualify. They finally include newspaper but NOTHING GREEN.

The online program they say they are unveiling will be later this year, maybe October - I can't freaking believe it folks.

Anyway's - HELP!!!!

If you know anyone in the Grande Prairie area that has reasonable ability with a computer and wants under a bagillion dollars to work - get them to call me. I have to find a solution to this dilema - a partner with good office management skills would be ideal but...I have no idea where to start trying to find such a person and even less time to try.

If anyone has any brainy ideas I'd be all about hearing them.

In the news today:

Not a lot yet but it is only 3:30 am.

There are some new weight rules in AMA Superbike ...

Motovan's National Amateur Nationals info is out...

With all of the bad drivers there are on the road I am a little shocked that some one would write a book on how to pass your car or motorcycle driver's test first time but they have....

And there is a write up from all About Bikes on the International Female Rider's Day.

5:00 AM Update:

Police in Winnipeg are concerned over Rock Machine/Hell's Angels potential for conflict

In Massachusetts bikers who were being over charged by insurance companies will be getting refunds - we were just discussing insurance the other day - weren't we? Hmmm - the article claims that insurance companies were over valuing bikes...

In Tennessee if you buy a lemon for a motorcycle you might actually get some support/help form a new law.

And in Kelowna a couple of off duty RCMP officers are in court soon after a brawl they reportedly picked with some Hells Angels and Throttle Rockers...

If you are one of those guys that I love to hate cause your riding your motorcycle instead of day dreaming about it...Please ride like everyone around you is blind and CAN NOT see you.

Our Show 'n' Shine has some wonderful motorcycles in it for those of you needing to daydream with me..

Have a fabulous day - I intend to!
Belt Drive Betty
National VP Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists Canada

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