Why in the heck would you buy a subscription to the paper and then not register to activate it???

It's a question I have been asking myself this morning as I go through all of the subscription forms from the Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer Bike shows.

If you laid down some money and were given the form on how to activate your subscription, why wouldn't you do that?

The reason our subscriptions are so affordable is that you do the paper work by signing up on line and we upgrade you from a free member (rider) to a subscriber member.

I find it so frustrating when I enter people's information in and the email they give us bounces or I can't read their it just makes sense to let you sign up on the site and then we activate you.

So for those of you who haven't been getting your paper - now you know why. Register on line and we'll get it activated or wait for me to do it and you'll start getting it as I get the time to get your paperwork done. Sorry folks - best this overworked gal can do.

I will go through these as time allows or on a morning like this when I can't sleep. It's 3:25am here in AB and I have already been working for 2 hours - why? BECAUSE I can't sleep knowing all that I need to do. I sure want to find a partner. Trying to find employees here in Grande Prairie just isn't working out too well.

Is there anyone out there who is interested in being a partner????

No news so far - at least nothing interesting has cross my computer screen yet. If it does I will add an update.

If you are a lucky sodder and you are riding your motorcycle today - PLEASE - ridelike everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

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