Toxicology reports are in in record breaking time and they are shocking. Meth - that hated and dreaded drug has been identified as the drug found in the man's system.

46-year-old Michael Jakscht has being charged with 4 counts of manslaughter, 5 counts of aggravated assault and 7 counts of endangerment. The Clutch and Chrome article is a really good one and answers many questions about this man and his behaviour.

One BC resident has nailed the problem with bad drivers right on the head!

It is ironic that while the BC writer who tells us about bad instructors being the cause of bad drivers that there should be an article on a British motorcycle instructor who was arrested and fired for being drunk on the job.

Do you remember a while back and article from a gal nicknamed FuzzyGalore where in she exposed the"Beautification" committees desire in one New York Town to get rid of unsightly bikers? Well man is that town back peddling!

Th OPP have issued a serious warning to dog owners - if your dog causes a motorcycle accident you can and will be charged.

And in Winnipeg - the ladies are taking in the Harley-Davidson Garage Party tonight at
Lone Star Harley-Davidson.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind AND out to get you and use respect with that right hans because to be respected you have to give respect.

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