In the news today there is a sad tale of a rider who was killed by a negligent driver.
The ride had a blood alcohol level of 1.5 times the legal limit. According to the police however, even a sober rider would not have been able to avoid this crash.

What makes this whole thing so sad - to me anyway, is that the driver of the pick up who killed this man got a $500 fine - the max allowed for making an unsafe turn which is all the 21 year old was charged with.  Hardly even seems worth the courts time, and in no way does this fine make the family feel any different or better about the loss they deal with. I know we all have lapses in judgment and make mistakes but when you cost someone their life, when a family is destroyed - is it not worth more than a $500 fine? I try to put myself in each persons shoes - but what a hard call that would be...

In other news:
In Winnipeg a finance manager of a car lot is in HOT water after being accused of being a laundry for the Red & White. 

A Windsor man who in 2004 was one of the first people convicted under anti-gang legislation - he got three years for his endeavors.

There are a few other stories in the news today and I hope you'll take the time to check them out:

I am working on web site statistics in preparation for building a new business plan. It is amazing how fast they become outdated! I am extremely pleased to report that although we are one of the youngest motorcycle web sites of our kind out there we have exceedingly strong rankings!

According to Alexa, our average visitor is spending upwards of 30 minutes on our web site and we are rated the 23,537 web site in Canada!

We all have a great web mistress to thank for a fabulous web site - so Ali - This one's for you - THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!

I won't be writing tomorrow unless the news feeds hold something super important - so have a great weekend and if you are fortunate enough to be riding today - please - ride like everyone around you is blind - can't see you and is in fact out to get you and remember to ride proud not loud - to get respect you must first show it.

Belt Drive Betty

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