A good friend of mine, Poet, turned me on to a blog called the Aging Rebel.

I began reading and a little over three hours later, a cold cup of coffee in front of me I went "Humph, that was good, really good." I was so engrossed that I did not finish my coffee. For anyone who knows me, that is a feat and half!

There were two articles in particular that kept me rather captivated.

The story on how Harley-Davidson is doomed and the article on how the Mongols story ends.

The Harley one I found rather fascinating as the writer expresses my thoughts and feelings on the motor corp almost to a T. And I quote: The simple fact is, Harley stopped being a motorcycle manufacturer long ago. For decades Harley has been a company that sells magic on credit.

What many of you who read this blog or use our web site
don't know about me is that back in 1986 I had a company whose products were official licensed products of Harley-Davidson and the motor corp. did not treat me well, but that is a story for some other time when I no longer rely on the motorcycle industry for support or I decide to write my memoirs. Although I currently ride a Harley, I do so predominantly because it is the machine with the accessories I need for carrying my electronics etc. If I could find an import with those same accessories that I could lift of the kick stand or and Indian with the kinds of accessories I need - I'd be off the Harley in a heart beat - brand loyal or brand snob - I am not. I am more loyal to the dealer who treats me well.

Anyway - back to the story at hand - the Aging Rebel's blog and the thoughts shared about H-D...The Aging Rebel knows how to get the reader going by pushing the buttons that people like me who need to eat can't afford to do and it is done with a style and clarity that is impressive.

The article on the Mongols is yet another example of the well written, well crafted articles - the research and the knowledge of this blogger.

If you are looking for a place that will give you a dose of reality - that will not sugar coat the truth and will not allow others to do that then the Aging Rebel is one blogger you might want to follow. If on the other hand you feel safer not knowing - then don't go there as the reality fix might be more than you can handle.

In the news today:

One dude in Winnipeg is gonna be a sore boy following a single motorcycle accident.

Bryan Harley from Motorcycle-USA does a great review on the Indian Larry Chopper Shaman book and David Booth from the National Post takes a look at the H-D Cross Bones

The news has been rather quiet the last few days other than for sports which has been a good thing - I have been under the weather and glad for the quiet time!

If you are lucky enough to be riding today - PLEASE ride like no one can see you and yet they are all out to get you! And remember to ride porud - not loud.

Belt Drive Betty

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